CPAP Mask Sealer


CPAP gel Mask Leak Sealer is the ultimate CPAP users’ tool to optimize the CPAP experience. With our new ALL NATURAL, Non-Petroleum ingredients with Aloe, CPAP Mask Leak Sealer will help you get that restful sleep that your doctor promised CPAP would provide!


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How to apply CPAP Gel

Intended Use: CPAP gel should be used as a liquid skin barrier with a Positive Air Pressure (PAP) medical device, including but not limited to all CPAP masks, for the treatment of at-risk patients and those exhibiting pressure ulcers on the face. 



CAUTION: Read this manual before use. Follow “How to apply CPAP gel” for proper techniques to apply and maximum effectiveness.

For External Use Only

Do Not Use if irritation occurs and persists for more than 72 hours.

Stop Using and Call a Doctor if rash occurs.

When Using This Product avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water . Obstruction Hazard keep clear of airway.

Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets CPAP gel is nontoxic but can be an airway obstruction hazard. Do not allow children to handle or use this product without adult supervision.


Instruction for use

1) Squeeze out desired amount of CPAP Gel on to your finger.


Tip: Don’t waste the CPAP gel. You should only need to use a marble size amount of CPAP gel on your finger tip.

2) Apply desired amount of CPAP Gel to the outer perimeter of silicone cushion.


Tip: Apply a thin, smooth layer where your face touches the silicone cushion.

3) Press your face against the silicone cushion while returning your head to the normal upright position.


Tip: Keep the top straps attached to the mask and the bottom un-clipped. Pull the bottom straps over your head toward the back of your neck. Then attach the bottom clips.


4) Fasten lower straps to mask and adjust tightness to a comfortable position and pressure to face.


Tip: Reapply as needed. If you wake during the night to use restroom you may need to re-apply a small amount to create an air tight seal again.


Should you need assistance with application of CPAP Gel, please call:

 1-(844)-987-CPAP (2727)



Cleaning Instructions

When cleaning your CPAP mask you should use:

1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water


Mask manufacturer recommend that patients clean and disinfect their CPAP Masks silicone cushion Insert, plastic shell that the silicone insert fits Into, Headgear and Hose after every use to minimize the risk illness or infection.

1) Soak the silicone cushion insert and plastic shell in the solution for 60 to 90 seconds.

Tip: Use a container large enough to submerge the entire mask. Keep the same solution in the same container for up to 96 hours. (4 days)

2) Wipe away any excess CPAP gel from the silicone cushion insert. Reinsert the cushion into the solution.

Tip: Use a rag. (Not a paper towel or tissue.)

3) Allow the silicon cushion and plastic shell of the mask to air dry.

Tip: In the sleep lab we hang the mask to air dry.

4) Repeat cleaning instruction after every use.

CPAP gel

  • Significantly Reduces Air Leaks
  • Stops Annoying Noises
  • Improves Compliance
  • Increases Comfort
  • Helps to Restore Smooth and Healthy Skin



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