CPAP Mask Sealer


CPAP gel Mask Leak Sealer is the ultimate CPAP users’ tool to optimize the CPAP experience. With our new ALL NATURAL, Non-Petroleum ingredients with Aloe, CPAP Mask Leak Sealer will help you get that restful sleep that your doctor promised CPAP would provide!



Facts about CPAP gel

CPAP gel, Mask Leak Sealer:

Reduces noise from air leaks that can disrupt bed partners sleep.

CPAPgel seals the mask eliminating irritating noises helping to restore your sleep.


Creates a liquid like seal around the entire mask.

No matter what mask the patient uses CPAP mask gel stops air from escaping and causing irritating noises and unsafe air leaks. Using CPAP gel to seal the CPAP mask will optimize the treatment, allowing for the restful sleep your body needs.


Reduces face irritation and increases mask comfort.

By using CPAP gel to seal the mask, it allows the CPAP user to loosen the mask without jeopardizing the seal. Loosening the mask for proper fit will also reduce pressure sores, help prevent headaches, anxiety and insomnia caused by tight headgear.


Facial hair is no problem with CPAP gel.

CPAP gel helps seal the CPAP mask to the face by using a liquid barrier. Facial hair is no exception! Just add more to the areas with hair on your face before applying the mask. Be sure to apply CPAP gel to the silicone mask and the facial hair area to maximize the seal and sleep like a baby again!


Helps promote better compliance with all CPAP users.

CPAP gel helps increase compliance efficiency by making CPAP more comfortable for the patient. Loosening the CPAP mask will help to eliminate the majority of CPAP complaints caused by the mask


Helps prevent skin chafing around mask and to restore smooth, healthy skin.

CPAP gel is made up of all natural ingredients including the healing powers of Aloe Vera.


CPAP gel creates a barrier between the CPAP users face and silicone CPAP mask cushion. 

That barrier keeps the oils from the CPAP user’s skin from breaking down the silicone cushion. This will lengthen the life of the CPAP masks silicone cushion and prevent the silicone cushion from drying out and splitting. It is very important to clean mask and disinfect the mask after every use. 

CPAP gel

  • Significantly Reduces Air Leaks
  • Stops Annoying Noises
  • Improves Compliance
  • Increases Comfort
  • Helps to Restore Smooth and Healthy Skin