CPAP Mask Sealer


CPAP gel Mask Leak Sealer is the ultimate CPAP users’ tool to optimize the CPAP experience. With our new ALL NATURAL, Non-Petroleum ingredients with Aloe, CPAP Mask Leak Sealer will help you get that restful sleep that your doctor promised CPAP would provide!



Do you often feel and hear air escaping around the edges of your mask cushion while you're trying to sleep with CPAP/BiPAP therapy? Does your mask fit well, but just not quite well enough? CPAPgel Sealant may be the answer.

CPAPgel creates a thin, smooth, adaptable seal around your CPAP/BiPAP mask cushion that stops air from escaping, eliminates distracting noises, and improves overall therapy and leak levels. CPAP Mask Gel is proven to help restore dry skin and cracked lips while it reduces irritation from your mask cushion. CPAPgel's adaptable seal allows many users to loosen their mask headgear without compromising the mask seal for improved comfort and therapy success.

CPAP gel

  • Significantly Reduces Air Leaks
  • Stops Annoying Noises
  • Improves Compliance
  • Increases Comfort
  • Helps to Restore Smooth and Healthy Skin